1.                                                                           ‘Dal Segno’ – a new play written by Joseph Morley

Friday Night at the Gig!

Set in the gritty and entertaining backstage world of professional musicians, DAL SEGNO is both powerful and funny. A disparate group of freelance musicians play in a resident band at a club-venue in London in 1979. It’s Friday night and the club is heaving – but the drama takes place only in the band-room!

2.                                             ‘Percussion Passion’ – a corporate presentation by Joseph Morley

Percussion Passion is a lively and entertaining corporate presentation featuring delegate participation with hand-held percussion instruments and reaching a climax with an exciting performance given by all. Themes addressed, which are analogous to business, include communication, co-operation, collaboration, orchestration, discipline and expression. Percussion Passion has been described as serious fun! For further information and enquiries regarding Percussion Passion please contact Joseph